Thursday, 26 May 2016

U.O.I - Reflection

This is related to our central idea (humans discover through exploration) because the European and Russian space agencies are exploring the unexplored part of the moon.They are discovering new parts of the moon through exploration.Their long term goal is to return of human to the surface and perhaps permanent  settlement.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


On Tuesday 17th May room 9 was challenged to the big walk in.After 9 hours and 51 minutes of mud,mud,mud and mud we arrived at Aongete lodge tired and exausted. Luckily the late night sleep only just energised us enough to start the up river challenge as a class we conquered the cold and wet river challenge. Our plan to camp out was lost due weather conditions, instead we had a class sleep over in the activity centre before bed we enjoyed the entertainment of jokes,stories, singing and skits about camp. The neighbouring day half the class set off to test their abilities on the down river challenge. The first group mastered Mears rock and was challenged to the waterfalls. The first group arrived later than expected but the second group proceeded to follow the first groups adventure. As the first groups hunger rose the cook out fires began, lunch was to be sausages with vege soup. When the second group appeared on the horizon our free time started. That night we experienced the Burma trail with parents making sounds, flashing torches and creeping us out, we got through it all knowing the parents had a surprise at the end. The parents surprise was entertainment as well, it turned out to be really funny and we all left the dinning room with smiles on our faces. The following morning we said our goodbyes to our dorms and packed our bags ready for the bus to pick us up after lunch. The ride back was the most memorable bus ride I have ever had. When all the kids had dismounted the bus we collected our bags and waved each other away, after spending a week with our class mates we knew each other 10 times more than before. The whole camp experience was fantastic!!!.

To the parent helpers all our adventures along the of camp couldn't of been made possible without you, your cooking skills, your brilliant medical experience and your caring nature. Thank you parents
you were all so great to have around!!!

To Mr. Day and Mr. Cameron thank you so much for organising all the fun and outdoor activities.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

New blog - go check it out!

Yes the word is out I have another blog about agricultural water waste so go check it out and leave a few comments  if you leave comments thanks a lot since i have only just started it there are not many posts sorry but soon there will be heaps.