Thursday, 7 April 2016

week 5 - SBC - tell a sentence through pictures.

Hi guys, this is week 5's Activity: 5 (Tell a sentence through pictures)
if you haven't figured out what the sentences is it is:
*I went to the beach to play*


  1. Great story. Is the beach close to your house? I have a beach close to my house here in Hong Kong but I don't go very often. I love swimming but I really, really don't like sand.

  2. The beach is too far we go to various beaches every now and then Me and my brother love to surf and swim but like you I hate getting sandy feet. What other water sports have you played?

    1. I don't really play any water sports, I just love being in the water. Do you play any water (or land) sports?

  3. sorry I meant to say the beach is NOT too far away. I do love most on land but only officially play netball and the occasional touch or ripper rugby. I sometimes play backyard cricket with my brother.
    Do you have any siblings?

  4. u know.... nvm... SHUT UPP