Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Recipe For Learning

                                A Recipe For Learning

ingredients:                                                     method:

100g of teamwork                                             Mix the kindness,help and a pinch of enthusiasm
1 tablespoon of courage                                   in a large mixing bowl.Pour the melted teamwork and
1/2 cup of kindness                                          courage into the kindness bowl,mix until combined.
1 cup of help                                                    Pre-heat oven at 180c, place mixture in oven for 4           3/4 cup of creativity                                        terms.When learning time is finished take it out and let   a pinch of enthusiasm                                    it cool.Then decorate with 1/2 cup of friendliness and
1/2 cup of friendliness                                   eat before school starts.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016



                      Using the microscopes!  
looking at different fungi

silk-under a microscope.

Author's Blurb

Rosie  is a passionate reader she always wanted to write like her favourite authors,jacqueline wilson, morris glitzman and jacqueline harvey. Rosie was born in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since she learnt to read it was all she ever did in her spare time.

The day she discovered she could write her own storys her future changed. When she wrote her first children's book "Tom and the magic goldfish" at seven years of age, She knew she could do more so she wrote her second book "how to be cool" for intermediate readers. She is now a part time author at berkley normal middle school.

She now happily lives on a small farm in, New Zealand with her mum, dad, brother and sister. Rosie enjoys playing netball, playing cricket with her brother and sports, she likes spending time with her family and friends.