Thursday, 23 June 2016

My SLC!!!

Nature Is Speaking


Here is my nature is speaking video-I am Trees.


MEDIA- Perspective

In media we have been learning about perspective and taking good photos and videos.
Here is a video made with: Emma,Hannah,Charlotte,Olivia and Rosie

Hope You Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

U.O.I - Reflection

This is related to our central idea (humans discover through exploration) because the European and Russian space agencies are exploring the unexplored part of the moon.They are discovering new parts of the moon through exploration.Their long term goal is to return of human to the surface and perhaps permanent  settlement.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


On Tuesday 17th May room 9 was challenged to the big walk in.After 9 hours and 51 minutes of mud,mud,mud and mud we arrived at Aongete lodge tired and exausted. Luckily the late night sleep only just energised us enough to start the up river challenge as a class we conquered the cold and wet river challenge. Our plan to camp out was lost due weather conditions, instead we had a class sleep over in the activity centre before bed we enjoyed the entertainment of jokes,stories, singing and skits about camp. The neighbouring day half the class set off to test their abilities on the down river challenge. The first group mastered Mears rock and was challenged to the waterfalls. The first group arrived later than expected but the second group proceeded to follow the first groups adventure. As the first groups hunger rose the cook out fires began, lunch was to be sausages with vege soup. When the second group appeared on the horizon our free time started. That night we experienced the Burma trail with parents making sounds, flashing torches and creeping us out, we got through it all knowing the parents had a surprise at the end. The parents surprise was entertainment as well, it turned out to be really funny and we all left the dinning room with smiles on our faces. The following morning we said our goodbyes to our dorms and packed our bags ready for the bus to pick us up after lunch. The ride back was the most memorable bus ride I have ever had. When all the kids had dismounted the bus we collected our bags and waved each other away, after spending a week with our class mates we knew each other 10 times more than before. The whole camp experience was fantastic!!!.

To the parent helpers all our adventures along the of camp couldn't of been made possible without you, your cooking skills, your brilliant medical experience and your caring nature. Thank you parents
you were all so great to have around!!!

To Mr. Day and Mr. Cameron thank you so much for organising all the fun and outdoor activities.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

New blog - go check it out!

Yes the word is out I have another blog about agricultural water waste so go check it out and leave a few comments  if you leave comments thanks a lot since i have only just started it there are not many posts sorry but soon there will be heaps.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

week 5 - SBC - tell a sentence through pictures.

Hi guys, this is week 5's Activity: 5 (Tell a sentence through pictures)
if you haven't figured out what the sentences is it is:
*I went to the beach to play*

Saturday, 2 April 2016

week 4-SBC-make a quiz about your country


                              QUIZ ON NEW ZEALAND

                                Sorry I couldn't embed for some reason so click on the link below

                                 Click here to take my quiz on what you know about new Zealand?
                                              (You don't have to put in your last name)

week 4 - SBC - Places I would like to visit

                      PLACES I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT

                    Click here to see where I would visit and why.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

week 4 - SBC - A year in my town

These are a few festivals around New Zealand
I chose field days as my favourite one. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My inquiry report (last year)

This is My report on 'what can we do to change our future life on earth?' I did last year with my inquiry group.


What can we do to change our
                     Future life on earth?
 Our future is depending on us human beings, but we are not seeing the damage that is happening, we can change this. A little thing can make a big difference to our future life on planet earth.               

Cars are a big problem that’s harming the earth. We should stop using cars that don’t carry many people and start using public transport more often sure they use a little more petrol but they carry more people then a small family car. If you take a car to work why not try riding a bike, run\walk, car pool or even take a hydrogen car. A hydrogen car does not release any green house gases-just water; some cars are already run on hydrogen and aren’t polluting the air. But however making the hydrogen uses electricity. A hydrogen-powered car could be a solution to pollution.

                           DON’T LITTER:
Some people treat countryside as a dump, leaving your junk in public places is known as fly tipping. Mattresses, tires and bottles are often dumped in public places and countryside. Litter is also harming sea creatures, 60% of all seabird species, have thought to have plastic in their gut, having mistaken floating plastic for prey. Fishing weights sometimes have lead and this can poison water birds, such as swans. At the moment there is 270,000 tons of plastic pollution in the worlds oceans today. The most effective way to stop plastic pollution in our oceans is to make sure it never reaches the water at all in the first place.

                                    PLANT A TREE:
  Planting a tree is a easy and sustainable way to positively treat the environment. We need trees more then ever!
. Trees improve air quality, by producing oxygen
. They provide shelter for wildlife, such as birds, tree         animals and bugs.
. Landscapes with trees help us relax, lower heart rates and reduce stress.
 Some people choose to make the right decisions about treating trees and forests, but some don’t know how damaging deforestation is to planet earth. Scientist have found that deforestation-the cutting and burning of trees – is a major cause in global warming. Global warming occurs when green house gases collect in the earth’s atmosphere. They let heat from the sun on, but as it bounces back, it gets trapped close to the earth making the planet heat up.


                   REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE:
Most of us buy more then we need, we want the newest toys clothes and cars even though we may not need them this is called consumerism. Recycling materials greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to make new products.

Give old clothes, books, toys and furniture to a charity shop or sell them at a car boot sale.

                  DON’T POLLUTE:
There is more then one type of pollution, such as land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. Pollution can harm our health; it makes it harder to breathe, worsening illnesses, such as asthma. Smog is a mixture of smoke from factories, motor vehicles and fog it then collects over some cities. Pollution is a big boulder in the way of a better future, so we need to get past pollution and make our future life on earth a better place. Weed killers and insect sprays kill unwanted plants and bugs in our gardens and on farms, but what else can they kill!! Because weed killers and insect sprays are poisonous they also kill wildlife. Big companies need to cut down the pollution they produce. There are laws to ban them dumping toxic chemicals and to limit dangerous waste gases. But they’re not yet tough enough to make a difference; pressure groups such as green peace are fighting for stronger laws


                              SAVING WATER

In many parts of the world people struggle for water, some walk miles for a bucket or two of water. The world is using too much water. As the population
grows so does the need for water. In some dry countries, such as Kuwait, have factories called
Desalination plants. They take the salt out of
Seawater and make it fit to drink

1.Take short showers:
One way to save water is to turn off the shower when washing yourself, then turn it back on when rinsing.
2.Turn off tap when you’ve wet your toothbrush:
There is no need to keep the tap running while         brushing your teeth.
3.Don’t use your toilet as a ash tray or a waste
Every time you flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small bits of trash, five to seven gallons of water is wasted!


Now you’ve seen these harming problems that are already effecting earth now maybe you’ll want to start taking action or if you think your already on track go and encourage others. If you contribute now we will head towards a better and longer future life on planet earth

my article

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Hello, this is a video I found for our U.O.I

This video I found I watched last year for my old inquiry as well as the other video I posted ('dear future sorry'). This girl explains a kids point of view of how adults treat our planet and tells the adults they should care for their planet for future generations.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Watch this is so inspirational it makes you think of what we are really doing to our planet. It also connects with our new unit sharing our planet.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Quality Comments

                  how to write a quality comment:

1.Always start a comment with a capital letter.
2. say something nice or ask something about their post make them feel happy not sad,make sure what you say is going make this person's day.
3.Ask a question or make a connection.
4.Always end your post with a full stop.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

burgess sailing race

     fleet          class       SailNo. school          Name                                              Points

On Friday 4th march I and 4 other berkley students competed in the burgess trophy regatta.
Overall berkley came 3rd Hillcrest high coming first and Cambridge high 2nd. The first race I took part in I came 7th out of 10 optimists in the second race I finished 9th out of 10 optimist in my last race I came 6th. It was a fun day in the end, berkley did a great job.


Today's science was extraordinary we dissected a sheep heart it was gooey, squishy and bloody we discovered the tubes which connect to the lungs inside the tube was a little flap that only lets blood go out not in. some parts of the dissection was disgusting but some were really cool I put my finger in the tube that connects to the lungs.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

About me

About my avatar

The avatar I created represents me by the colour of my hair (red) , and I am usually found in shorts and t-shirts, the netball in the picture represents me because I enjoy all sports but mostly netball, the background illustrates my love for art and colours.

I made my avatar at:

Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Recipe For Learning

                                A Recipe For Learning

ingredients:                                                     method:

100g of teamwork                                             Mix the kindness,help and a pinch of enthusiasm
1 tablespoon of courage                                   in a large mixing bowl.Pour the melted teamwork and
1/2 cup of kindness                                          courage into the kindness bowl,mix until combined.
1 cup of help                                                    Pre-heat oven at 180c, place mixture in oven for 4           3/4 cup of creativity                                        terms.When learning time is finished take it out and let   a pinch of enthusiasm                                    it cool.Then decorate with 1/2 cup of friendliness and
1/2 cup of friendliness                                   eat before school starts.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016



                      Using the microscopes!  
looking at different fungi

silk-under a microscope.

Author's Blurb

Rosie  is a passionate reader she always wanted to write like her favourite authors,jacqueline wilson, morris glitzman and jacqueline harvey. Rosie was born in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since she learnt to read it was all she ever did in her spare time.

The day she discovered she could write her own storys her future changed. When she wrote her first children's book "Tom and the magic goldfish" at seven years of age, She knew she could do more so she wrote her second book "how to be cool" for intermediate readers. She is now a part time author at berkley normal middle school.

She now happily lives on a small farm in, New Zealand with her mum, dad, brother and sister. Rosie enjoys playing netball, playing cricket with her brother and sports, she likes spending time with her family and friends.